African Inspired Spring Home Decor

It may not feel like it today with the temperatures in the teens, but Spring is coming.  We, at Zawadi, greet it with new inventory and ideas which can transform the winter home.  To help us get to that “spring” state , we have invited Denys Davis for a talk and an exhibition on March 7, 2015, 2-5.

Denys is the co-author of the inspirational 1966 book, The Spirit of African Design.  It’s a book that takes  designing with African art to a new level.

I share it often with my customers as we discuss different possibilities for pieces in the shop.  It covers a broad range of design concepts: color, texture, placement, and variety.

It affords us a bird’s eye view of homes where African art is an integral part of the design.  One of my favorites is this living room where the owner used a Kuba textile, pots, jewelry, stools, Ethiopian and Lobi chairs and a Tuareg tent post as a sculptural piece.  Something, I would not have thought of on my own.

Denys Davis roomHome decor w: Lobi chair:Zawadi


I recreated a simpler version using items from Zawadi, baskets, Lobi chair, pillows and pots.  Both work.

Fireplaces, mantles, narrow walls can all be transformed with African art.  A long Fang mask can be the perfect dramatic piece for a long wall.

Fang maskAfrican art is diverse, personalities of buyers are diverse.  This makes for a wonderful opportunity to find what works for you.

You are not confined to masks and sculpture or mudcloth and kente.  Look at utilitarian items in new ways, play with placement

and grouping of items.    So if you’re not going out into the cold, have fun dreaming of spring and the changes you can import.

If you can’t make it to Zawadi, stay warm and order from your home.  But if you can, please come through on the 7th and get it from the expert,

Denys Davis.  Also, visit her blog, Indaga Home.

Meanwhile, find a cice, cozy area and dream of how you can add or change decorative features of your home using African Art.

If you can’t get to the brick and mortar store, visit the e-commerce site.

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