African Art of the Dogon | The Myths of the Cliff Dwellers


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For many years the sculptures found in the villages of the Dogon people have attracted the attention of ethnologist, anthropologists, and art historians who have been most impressed and mystified by their origin and meaning in terms of Dogon culture and history.  Many wonder, who made these sculptures and why? What do they signify and how do they relate to the society of the people who created them>  How do they manage to be geometric, abstract, and naturalistic all at the same time?  In this book Jean Laude deal with these questions and the entire problem of approaching the study of art of so-called primitive societies by classifying the sculpture of the Dogon on the basis of technical, formal, thematic, and stylistic criteria.  By considering the works in the context of what little is known about Dogon history, Jean Laude enables us to understand the complexities of their symbolic content and functions, as we appreciate the remarkable aesthetic quality the places them on the highest level of great sculpture of the world.


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Published : 1973