Green necklace ft trade beads


Necklace featuring semi-translucent green glass beads and millefiori trade beads with green, yellow, red, and blue design.

Venetian Millefiori Beads (glass), also known as Trade Beads,  were imported in their thousands from Murano, Italy to  Africa from the mid 19th Century. They were an essential component of trade, being used as currency in exchange for furs, palm oil and spices in Mali and Western Africa, as well as a measure of wealth and status.  Millefiori Beads have been incorporated into many traditional rites and ceremonies in Africa.Old Millefiori Beads are distinguishable by their pitted ends and slightly curved shape – often leading them to be called “Elbow” Millefiori Beads”.

Measurements |9″


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