L’Art Negre (Black Art)


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L’Art Negre cosues on the art of the central-latitude countries of the African continent. Includes (as named at the time of publication) Angola, Cameroun, Belgian Congo, Lower Congo, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, Dahomey, Gabon, French Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Rhodesia, Sierra Leone, French Sudan, Togo, and Tanganyika. Map at back shows/lists these countries/territories, regional rivers, and local tribes. Included are chapters (all illustrated) on geogrphy, history, civilization, religion, society, artists in society, function of art, materials and techniques, tribal art, religious art, statues of the Cult of the Ancestors, spirits/magic/fetishes, reliefs, masks, the use of art, ornamentation, and style/expression


Text in French;Published in 1953; Book in great condition