Burnt Orange Velvet Border Napkin Set of 2 with Hand Painted Adinkra Symbols and One Golden Adinkra Ornament | Exclusively painted for Zawadi


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Adinkra are symbols that represent concepts.  Adinkra symbols are used extensively in fabrics, logos and pottery.  In addition, Adinkra symbols appear on some traditional Akan Gold weights.

Four Adinkra Symbols Hand Painted on 2 napkins in the set*:

  •  Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to “Go back and get it.”  Symbolizes that we need to learn from the past if we want to improve our future.
  • Adinkrahene -“The Chief of the Adinkra symbols, meaning greatness, charisma and leadership” (looks like a Target)
  • Dwannimmen – “The Rams Horns.”  Symbol of humility and strength.  Signifies modesty but toughness in character
  • Gye Nyame is the God of the Akan people of Ghana.  His name means “he  who knows and sees everything” and Omniscient, omnipotent sky god” in the Akan language.  The Supremacy of God.

Plus Free Golden Adinkra Ornament

*Napkin Holders not included.



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