Metal Artwork 1 | Moussa Tine


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Moussa Tine is an internationally known contemporary  Senegalese artist whose work I have carried in Zawadi for over ten years.  I loved his work from Day 1 and  I am proud to own several pieces and to have introduced other friends to his work.

His work has evolved over time and he has done work on canvas and in recycled metal.  It is often symbolic and related to Senegalese culture, particularly the Bay Falls who are known for their colorful dress and hard work.  He has done large and small pieces and has exhibited a small piece at the Museum of African art and participated in the exhibition in LUCLA’s Fowler Museum’s A Saint in the City Sufi Arts of Urban Senegal.

This piece is done entirely in recycled metal and is representative of his affinity for the family.  He continues his art into the frame which is a beautiful piece in itself.

Dimensions 19×13.5

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