Beyonce loves Bright Black Candles! (We do too ;o)

Zawadi was so excited to see one of our favorite brands, Bright Black Candle, spotlighted in Beyonce’s Black Parade Route; a celebration and listing of Black owned brands from arts and culture to beauty and lifestyle. Zawadi first met Bright Black Candle’s creator Tiffany in January 2020. We loved her vision ad were immediately onboard.

Bright Black is a candle company that honors the brilliance of Blackness.  It was started by Durham, NC residents and scent artists Tiffany Griffin and Dariel Heron in 2019.  The company combines the couple’s many passions – infusing the world with more brightness, positive narratives around Blackness and high quality materials.

Zawadi is honored to be Bright Black Candle’s D.C. outlet and to work with Tiffany and so many more amazing Black creatives. We chose Black Bright’s Signature scent but was also drawn to the diaspora scents, Addis Ababa and Kingston. They’ve been great sellers. We understand Tiffany is adding to her selections and we’ll have them for you when they’re ready.

Shopping at Zawadi helps us to support these businesses and find new and exciting Black owned brands to grow with. So thank you, Bright Black Candle, for your amazing business and friendship, and thank you, Beyonce, for helping us…get IN-FORMATION!!! (Get it? We’ll see ourselves out).

Hurry – When you get on Beyonce’s list…supplies get limited quickly

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