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Beyonce loves Bright Black Candles! (We do too ;o)

Zawadi was so excited to see one of our favorite brands, Bright Black Candle, spotlighted in Beyonce’s Black Parade Route; a celebration and listing of Black owned brands from arts and culture to beauty and lifestyle. Zawadi first met Bright Black Candle’s creator Tiffany in January 2020. We loved her vision ad were immediately onboard….

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The Great Outdoors

With DC and many other cities venturing into phase 2 of reopening, it feels like we are cautiously beginning to emerge from the hard parts of the COVID-19 quarantine. But with many states experiencing spikes, it is recommended that we continue to be vigilant. We are encouraged to wear masks, social distance, and spend time…

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Black Fathers Matter

A few days ago, I watched attorney L. Chris Stewart at a press conference addressing Rayshard Brooks’ murder. Chris looked tired. He was angry. Exasperated. He had just left Brooks’ family home where his daughter still had on her birthday dress, preparing to go out to celebrate with her father, unaware that a few hours…

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Make mealtime memorable with Potters’ Workshop

Social isolation forced by COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of our patterns. One of our treasured family traditions is going out for Easter dinner. This year, well, that just wasn’t in the cards. It’s always a disappointment to have your plans changed by forces outside of your control. But while social distancing is forcing some…