Dec 8 Meet the Makers: Mezam Apparel

We have a great lineup this weekend. One of our guiding goals at Zawadi has always been to support entrepreneurs, especially black female entrepreneurs. We think by giving entrepreneurs a platform not only to sell their goods but to tell their stories, we can help create real energy and positivity for both the makers and for you, the customer.  We want to expand some of the joy that comes from engaging with creators who really and truly loves what they do and have poured their time, and talent into their creations. And this weekend, you can get that in spades!

All events in store at 1524 U Street NW

Park on the street or in the Reeves center garage

Dec 8, 2018 12-7PM

Meet the Maker: Mezam Apparel

Mezam Apparel makes unbelievably cool leggings, bags, and athleisure wear with African prints. The leggings are made in California and manufactured at a female-owned factory. The small batch production and high quality athletic material really caught our eye. Mezam Apparel’s styles are designed with your style and movement in mind. In addition to celebrating African fashion and art these leggings are both fashionable and high-performance. Go ahead! Dance, stretch and run with Mezam, from the yoga studio to your favorite brunch spot.

Meet Mezam’s creator, Manka Azefor Saturday, Dec 8 from 12-5PM.



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