Lets Go Outside



If you’re in the Northeast, we actually skipped spring and went straight to summer. And guess where we like to be in summer? OUTSIDE! And nothing makes an outdoor living space pop like signature art and design pieces from Africa. Here are a few ideas to refresh your front or backyard for exemplary entertaining while the sun is out!


Whether brightly patterned or neutral, pillows can turn a stark outdoor living space into a welcoming, homey place you’ll want to spend all afternoon into the night with friends and family. We especially love mudcloth and wax print pillows with defined patterns.


Need a focal point for your outdoor living space. Find a wall and mount a big, dramatic mask. We love this Toma mask placed on a modern concrete stand. A little greenery finishes the job.


Take a load off and relax on an assortment of chairs and seats that can easily be moved around and carried to the next conversation area. Durable and versatile, our collection of seating can be mixed and matched with pillows and throws to create your own unique look.


Need to punch up a wicker couch? Going to a picnic or festival and want to do something more creative than a blanket? Try one of our mud cloth throws or really get colorful with a variety of indigo, wax print, or Kuba designs.



Cookout, you say? Stun your guess with outstanding dishware from Potters’ Workshop, Serving Spoons from Nasozi, and traditional Wire baskets.



As a table accessory, or organizer, or even a fruit bowl, traditional and contemporary baskets are an easy way to create a table centerpiece or a pop of color. You can even arrange several in a pattern to give an outdoor wall a pop of color

Have some great ideas of your own? Tag us on IG, Facebook, or Pinterest! And as always, enjoy the weather!


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