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Fall Newsletter

It may not quite feel like it outside but we know it’s coming.  The days have already shortened and that’s my cue that fall has arrived.  On the heels of fall is winter so it is not my favorite time of the year.  Especially with all this Pumpkin spice foolishness in the air. Still, there are…

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A Taste of Dak’art, , 2018, Dakar, Senegal

June is one of my favorite months and at Zawadi it will be a busy and exciting one. I am just back from Dak’Art the bi-annual, Pan-African Art festival in Senegal that lights up an already exciting art landscape. It lasts for a month, May 3-June 3 and it covers an official and sometimes even more interesting…

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Lets Go Outside

  SPRING IS HERE! If you’re in the Northeast, we actually skipped spring and went straight to summer. And guess where we like to be in summer? OUTSIDE! And nothing makes an outdoor living space pop like signature art and design pieces from Africa. Here are a few ideas to refresh your front or backyard…

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Holiday Ornaments

This Friday, November 23, experience First Call for our limited selection of handmade Paula Whaley holiday ornaments. These one of a kind art pieces painstakingly highlight the beauty of the black female form in a variety of mediums and sizes. These unique and collectible pieces will sell out quickly.